A token whose proposal is to encourage reading.

About Us

My name is Filipe Viana and I'm a blockchain technology enthusiast, I confess that a few years ago I didn't give much value to smart contracts, but after working with this technology in recent months, I see that they are the future and that they can be very useful for society as a whole. @filipesviana

Ideas & Plans

This project aims to stimulate the reading of books and comic books. On the one hand, funding independent artists and publishers, on the other, ensuring access to literary content for low-income people.

Prompt Strategies

A project that will be managed by the community, no decision will be made without first consulting it. Project decisions will be based on a voting system on the blockchain.


Our Team

We are a small team, but with big ambitions. Other team members, as they are recruited, will be added to the board.

Filipe Viana


Whitepaper draft


There is no transaction fee.


The liquidity raised in the IFO will be locked with 15% of supply forever. It is promised that around 70% of the IFO proceeds will be allocated to PancakeSwap liquidity.

Token burning

Initial burn of 15% of the supply destined for the Treasury fund. 2% of the Burn fund will be sent to the black hole every 3 months automatically, transfer restricted to black hole address only.

(0) Launch

IFO token launch, launch on Pancake, create final whitepaper

(Q1) CMC and Exchanges

Listing on exchanges, CMC and Coin Gecko, audits

(Q2 - Q3) Projects

Make projects available for voting

(Q4 - Q5) Marketplace NFT

Creation of a marketplace for NFT trading, a specific contract and with the specific function will still be created


21,000,000 Total Supply



Number of tokens made available as an initial offer in ZCore Finance


Locked Liquidity

Liquidity that will be locked after IFO.



Tokens moved to burn. 15% of the supply already sent to the black hole.



Tokens that will be used for project financing, development and exchange listing.


Fair Launch

For a fair release, there are restrictions established in the contract that limit the wallet Dev to one transfer every 24 hours forever. The liquidity guarantee locked in forever will be ensured by sending the LP to the black hole, the creator will waive the liquidity fund.


Some frequently asked questions and answers, if you have any other questions please join our group.

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The burn wallet can only send $DONT tokens into a dead address.
No tokens can be withdrawn from the burn wallet, they can only be burnt.

Every 3 months there will be a burning of 2% of the burn wallet balance. The process is automatic.

The fund is essential so that in the future we can move the project, once the divisions are made, it is not possible to increase the supply of tokens, so it is necessary to reserve some for us to use in some future project.


Watch the Video Tutorial

The video teaches you how to do swap transactions using PancakeSwap.

The wallet

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DontPanic (DONT)

DontPanic (DONT) 

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